I worked as an intern at IGN (COGIT lab), as a PhD student at CNAM and Sorbonne Université (CEDRIC lab, ISID team).

Currently, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at Télécom Paris (LTCI lab, DIG team).

Research axes

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Named-entity disambiguation / named-entity linking
  • Interlinking and identity management in the Semantic Web
  • Data quality

Research projects

  • 2020 - Now NoRDF project: The NoRDF Project is a scientific project at Télécom Paris that aims to model and extract complex information from natural language text. More precisely, we want to enrich knowledge bases with events, causation, conditions, precedence, stories, negation, and beliefs. In particular, we will investigate the expression of sentiment.

Advisory academic experience

I have advised several undergraduate and graduate students during their internships or projects.

Organization Committee

  • 23rd IEEE International EDOC Conference - The Enterprise Computing Conference, EDOC'19, Paris, France.
  • 23rd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems, NLDB'18, Paris, France.
  • 34th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE'18, Paris, France.